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Video Surveillance Systems

A digital video surveillance system is a surveillance system capable of capturing images and videos that can be compressed, stored or sent over communication networks.


High Resolution Images

With their incredible zoom capability, high resolution security cameras give users the advantage of zooming-in and zooming-out on an image without losing clarity of the objective. Example provided by DW®.



With Arecont Vision the Contera EX Series can help augment your security personnel with its advanced on-camera analytics. The EX Series features intrusion detection, line crossing, and loitering analytic behaviors included as well as optional object classification, object left/removed, and people/vehicle counting. When these powerful analytics are triggered, an alarm notifies personnel there is a potential problem instead of someone trying to monitor several cameras with their eyes alone.

uniview nvr.jpg

NVR / Cloud Storage

NVR servers are robust and user-friendly video management solutions, highly optimized to provide unlimited scalability, unmatched bandwidth savings and simplified system setup and management. The architecture is cross-platform supporting Windows®, Linux® and MAC® platforms for complete optimization to match

any application.

CLOUD based systems designed to work with thousands of the most popular camera models from dozens of the leading manufacturers, Cloud Gateways let you move your current cameras into the cloud effortlessly and cost effectively. Secure and cost-effective video archiving available fro 6 months to 5 years.



Be vigilant with app notifications, Motion detection, cross line detection, item removal and more right to your mobile device.



With DW® the MEGApix® CaaS 4MP LPR cameras are engineered to capture license plates of moving vehicles in extreme light conditions, up to 60' at up to 50mph.

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