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Businessman protect with virtual guard and key  for access biometric data by input passwor

Enhanced Business Security

Providing experienced and professional solutions

Saber Defense Technology Offers A wide variety of security solutions including access control, video surveillance, network infrastructure and automation.

Tutorials, How-To, Instructions & Training

We have a dedicated team who will focus on you,
your business and your project.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Featuring online tutorials, remote PC and phone support.

Saber Defense Technology provides enhanced business security solutions to
valued users in a professional and dependable environment.

" Saber Defense has been instrumental in the success in securing the campus and students at Sierra Canyon, They continues to provide outstanding workmanship."

Jay Miller

Director of Operations

"Saber Defense Technology customer service is bar-non the best in the business. They have gone above and beyond many times for our company, and
I highly recommend them for all security needs."

Phil Bender

Head of Operations

“Saber Defense brings exceptional out of the box thinking and always sees projects to completion. They are a lifeline both onsite and via telephone, It really goes to show how well They take care of customers.”
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James C DeMircift

Managing Director

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