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Meeting Room Solutions

The meeting room is a core piece of the meeting experience. Effective meeting room design can impact and change your entire meeting. Well-designed meeting rooms can put attendees at ease, encourage conversation, and induce creativity. Mindful meeting room design can drastically improve effectiveness of your meetings.


Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms allows you to easily share multiple desktops simultaneously in the room and provides a variety of simple, wireless sharing options for guests and people on your network.

Image by Alex Litvin

Projector / AV Solutions

AV brings meetings to life – quite literally. From single meeting rooms to multiple offices, these are the spaces where integrated audio visual technologies enable organisations to unite and collaborate with colleagues and partners based on site or on the other side of the world. Discreet, stylish, intelligent and with every component harmonised and integrated to automate and control everything from sound, vision and environmental settings, your meeting room AV is one of the most rewarding investments your business will ever make.


Room Management

Revolutionize the way you meet. Room Managers have taken the hassle out of room bookings with touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. No more double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings.
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