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Automation Solutions

Office automation (OA) refers to the collective hardware, software and processes that enable automation of the information processing and communication tasks in an organization. It involves using computers and software to digitize, store, process and communicate most routine tasks and processes in a standard office.

Image by Dan LeFebvre

Smart Thermostat

Commercial building owners and managers continually struggle with the complications of managing comfort and optimizing utility savings.  Simple scheduling, commercial lockouts, setpoint restrictions and global access features make it easy to Save Time, Save Money and Save Energy

Office Hallway

Lighting Solutions

whole building lighting solutions allow facility managers to conveniently manage both electric light and daylight right from their desktop. Control, configure, monitor, and report on the lighting for any space in your building for maximum energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity.

Live Stream Broadcast

Commercial Audio

In today's fast-paced and demanding business environment, you need a commercial audio/video system that will always offer crisp, clear audio and video. ... The result is a conference room system that functions exactly as it should, every time you need it. Now its at your fingertips.

Image by John Matychuk

Parking Light & Signage

Be in control of your entire building, Parking lights, Signage, Gates, paging systems and more can be added to any schedule or controlled on your PC, smart phone or smart device.
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