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Intercom System Solutions

Finding the right solution can be challenging, Saber Defense Technology will help to design the exact system needed to answer your intercom project.


Audio Only

A two-way communication system with a microphone and loudspeaker at each station for localized use. Applications include a single door unit to a single receiving station and continues to multiple door stations and hundreds of receiving stations


Video & Audio

These typically have a unit that has a camera, speaker, and a push button that goes at an entrance door, and an internal monitor unit that can communicate with the entrance unit. Some systems can have multiple video monitors internally. Given the difficulty of sending video over the airwaves at very much distance without interference, most available units are wired.


Mobile Answering

A Mobile App allows you to answer an intercom call from the multi-tenant intercom using your mobile device. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. Using an App you will be notified whenever someone selects a person on the intercom touchscreen. You can have a conversation then allow access through the door.



Multi-tenant video intercom systems, also known as apartment video intercom systems, which are affordable security options for apartment buildings, condominiums, or any other type of multi-tenant building. These systems are ideal for either small apartments with few tenants or large buildings with high traffic. The multi-tenant video intercom system can be installed and used for access control of gates or doors of any type of building. The video feature of our apartment video intercom system allows not only voice call options, but also video monitoring from a remote location. This feature adds to the video and access control security solutions of any facility.

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