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Parking Control Solutions

Automated Parking Guidance System systems, or PGS, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas (like parking garages and parking lots). The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service.


Barrier Gates & Arms

Barrier arm gates consist of a vertical barrier arm that is rotated in and out of the gate opening. Barrier arm gates are used to control vehicles, not pedestrians


Smart Parking Meters

Smart Parking Meters (aka Multi Space Parking Meters) offer three primary modes: Pay & Display, Pay By Space & Pay By License.  All modes offer configurable parking rates by date and time.   


Pay Stations

For transient parkers, the process is equally as hassle-free. Parkers simply press a button to take a ticket at the barcode gate entry system. Their ticket information is also recorded to the parking management software. When a Parker is ready to leave the parking area, he may pay at the walk-up parking payment machine (unattended or attended) or at the in lane exit station. The unattended parking machines may be configured to accept credit, bill, coins and tokens.


Card Access

Many sites, such as hotels and business centers, offer special monthly parking rates for regular Parkers in addition to transient parking options for visitors who take a ticket and pay based on the time parked in the parking lot.

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